Summer Vacation 2011 – Last Stop at the Soda Pop Stop

Every vacation must come to an end. For us, it meant a very loooooong drive from San Diego to the Bay Area. This time, though, my  husband planned a short stop at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop. What a treat that was!

He found the store in the Best of YouTube. The owner chatted about the history of the place and how he came to collect the hundreds of different types of soda pops he sells. It all began with his less-than-friendly encounter with a Pepsi representative…but you can learn about that yourself in the video. What resulted was a unique store with unique products and a broad clientele that has been around since 1897 (though the wide soda pop collection began about 10-11 years ago).

There is nothing fancy about the place. The front is rather non-descript. Inside, stacks of crates of bottled sodas precede the full shelves of bottled sodas. It’s kind of a mini warehouse. Look to the left and you spy a couple of refrigerator shelves filled with…candy! Sweets to remind you of your childhood.

But of course, we were there for the myriad sodas on the shelves – over 500 different varieties, in fact. The owner was happy to show us around and give us a little advice and a bit of history about any brand we asked. This is a man who does not feel like he’s at work. This is someone who truly gets a kick out of what he does everyday – sell soda pop. His deep and broad knowledge about where each bottle came from, the tidbits about the manufacturing processes and his enthusiasm as he tells another tale is so interesting, you want to hear more and more and more. And made us want to buy more and more and more. hahaha

Anyway, it was a great way to end a wonderful vacation…and a nice break to the long drive north. Now that we have our collection, we can taste them all at our leisure and order our favorites online. And if you’re ever in Los Angeles, Glendale, to be exact, it really  is worth a visit if you’re a soda fan and want to try something new and different.

p.s. I’m loooooooooovin’ the cucumber sodas we picked up. Next up, soda made from rose petals.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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    • We tried a few different types but I remember liking Mr. Q. Cucumber. But the best thing to do is just ask. The owner was more than happy to share his knowledge about the different manufacturers – one being stronger in flavor than others and things like that.

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