Finding My [Temporary] Limits

Hey! Guess what I found out? I have limits. Physical ones, that is. And temporary, of course. Yes, I have been deluding myself into thinking that I’m further along in rehabbing my hips than I thought. hahaha Oh well. As I’ve said before, how can you know your limits until you test them?

It happened on my second long-ish hilltop hike at the Dish at Stanford University last Tuesday.  It’s a hike I’ve been meaning to do for the last few years but have avoided. It has become quite a popular hike with paved pathways and all. I remember slogging through the muddy grass up to the Dish on a rainy day run during college when the field hockey fields were too wet to practice on. The memories were not fond ones but the accomplishment of running the Dish was.

Anyway, by the second downhill, I could feel my left hip was tiring. I had to slow my step in order to make sure I didn’t overdo.  And by the third long downhill, I was walking turtle pace. It was a feeling I’d forgotten about – the weakness in my hip. This time, however, there was no pain, just fatigue. It felt as if there was nothing there to catch me as I took each step down the hill. Luckily, my right hip did not feel the same way. And my hiking companions were in no hurry.

Hmmm…how could I be so tired? Could the gentle yoga class I’d taken the day before have anything to do with my weariness? I’m not sure. My upper body and stomach muscles were certainly a little sore because of that class but could my hips really be that tired? Apparently so. Oh well, nothing a little nap couldn’t fix when I got home.

The next morning, I had a water therapy class. LOVE water therapy. My therapist always makes sure we get a good workout as we do the exercises that will strengthen and increase the flexibility in our previously injured joints and such. But I was tired. Still. How did that happen? Was it the hike? The gentle yoga class?

Well, I’ve decided that it was a combination of both. My age and of course, the new hip joints, are slowing down the rehabbing process. Long gone are the days when a few hours or an afternoon would be enough time for my body to recover for the next set of physical activities. I think my brain is still in my 30’s. hahaha So, the next day had to be a day of rest…and it felt good.

The next morning was another yoga class, a little more intense than Monday’s class, followed by my physical therapy session a couple of hours later.  I was a bit tired for that session afterward. Whoops. Guess I needed more time to recover. Guess I should heed those limits. They are temporary after all.

Original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.

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