Too Much Too Soon – Whoops!

Just met with my hip doctor. I told him about the things I’ve been doing like hiking and such. I could tell he was a little impressed that I hiked the Dish at Stanford, commenting that many people have a hard time hiking the Dish without a hip replacement, not to mention, two. hahaha We agreed it’s a good test, though, to see how my strength and endurance are doing. I told him that by the third downhill, my left hip was so fatigued that I slowed to snail’s pace whenever I started to head downhill. So now I have a walking stick – I know I could have used my cane but a cane is missing the coolness factor. But then I mentioned my ailing heel and he did a quick exam. Plantar fasciitis. Oh maaaaannnnn…

My doctor was very calm as he listed everything I needed to do to treat it. Do deep calf stretches for the next 6 weeks everyday for 5 minutes. Roll a tennis ball under your foot to massage it. Ice it and take Ibuprofen or some such thing to get rid of the inflammation. Stay off your feet as much as possible. My water therapist – not so much. She gave me a ration of shit to make me pay attention. hahaha  She stopped short of saying, “I told you so…” but she was quite…firm. She had chided me a few weeks previous about my embarking on long hikes so quickly after getting a bit of strength back in my hips. Going from 1/2 hour walks to 2.5 hour hikes in a matter of weeks, she thought, was a bit of a jump with respect to long unused muscles, tendons, and the like. The plantar fasciitis, she said is an important indication that I need to slow down.

She understands where I’m coming from, though. I mean, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to walk longer than 1/2 block without pain that I’m just a little impatient to get on with it. And she loves that I’m rather gung ho with getting back into physical activities. But she cautioned me to take care of this issue now and don’t let the pain go on or I’ll find myself building more scar tissue around my tendon and in my feet, making it even stiffer and turning this into a chronic problem that never goes away. So, in addition to the above treatment commands from my doctor, she has added joining Masters swimming and doing water aerobics to take the weight off my feet and continue building strength and endurance. For now, she said, I need to do non-weight bearing activities to help my heel heal.  😉

Yea, it sucks that I have to mellow out on the walking/hiking front but such is life. I waited this long to take care of my hips and have gone through too much to learn to walk correctly again that well, I don’t need to screw it up because I’m being a bit impatient. So, for all my new hiking buddies – just give me a few weeks to take care of this plantar fasciitis thing. I’m still just as motivated to take in all those amazing views in Silicon Valley from local peaks but I need a little time to convince my feet of those plans.  😉

Original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.

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