This Year’s New Role – Stage Mom

As if Tae Kwon Do and soccer weren’t enough (with swim team waiting for some open times somewhere in the week), we’re adding Drama Club to this year’s list of activities. hahaha It will be our girls’ stage debut and they are beyond excited. This year’s musical selection is Annie, sponsored and run by the Home and School Club (the parent support group). All second through fifth grade students are invited to audition and join the cast. Most of the youngest ones are usually placed in the ensemble while the older kids are often in the roles that include more individual singing, dancing and memorizing [lines]. Nevertheless, I’m certain our girls will have plenty of fun without being the stars of the show.

Their auditions were a couple of weeks ago. My girls were nervous and excited. They picked out their songs at the beginning of the summer. Though the school encouraged Disney songs and not Annie ones, my girls chose differently. It’s partly my fault, I think. I’d meant to get a Disney Princess song collection so we could learn the words to some of the more popular ones. Unfortunately, I didn’t act fast enough. Storyteller sang, “I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Frikkin’ Bad” and Songwriter did “I Don’t Wanna Be Like Cinderella.” Not bad songs, per se, but perhaps not what the auditioners had been expecting. hahaha

I’m happy to report that my girls did not back out of the auditions. We parents did not get to watch them try out as the director said that the kids get nervous. So, we waited outside. My girls were all smiles afterward and said it was fun.

In order to make this work each year, families of participants are required to provide either 15 hours of volunteer support or make a small donation. I signed up to be the official photographer, along with my husband. I’m looking forward to capturing great moments during rehearsals, setup, and performances. This will be one well-documented school musical and fun fun fun!

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  1. Linda,
    This sounds very exciting and what a benefit you and Truls will be as volunteer photograhers for the club! Here in the mountains, we call women athletes like you who never stop moving, creating, volunteering, parenting, etc “Power Packs”. (It’s a coveted complement)

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