Halloween Costumes? Check.

It was one of those days when I just didn’t feel like going home right away after picking up the girls from extended care. So, we went…Halloween shopping. I know, I know…it seems a bit early, eh? But oh well. It’s one of those things we would do eventually and I knew it would get both girls really excited.

Can you tell what they’re going to be? I mean, it is all about the accessories, unlike back to school shopping). hahaha Though Songwriter won’t be able to bring hers to school with her (there is a strict no weapon-like items at school), it’s still a pretty cool accessory. And Storyteller is speaking her own magical language these days.

I can’t say that I’ve ever gotten their Halloween costumes this early before. My main concern was that they’d change their minds by the time the 31st of October rolled around. Well, they’re seven years old now and I laid down the law – if we bought the costumes now, they could not change their minds later. Of course they both readily agreed. And my rule will be forgotten a few days from now…or not…we’ll see.

Original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog


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