Exchange Students for A Day…or Two

Though our trip here to Norway this time around was somewhat last minute, I managed to obtain school work from their teachers for them to work on while here in Oslo between various family functions related to my father-in-law’s funeral…oh, and playtime with their cousins. They happen to have a couple of cousins in their equivalent grade and as such, we thought it might be fun for them to attend school for a day. Both cousins go to different schools so, they attended one and then the other.

Today, they attended the school where 3 of their cousins go. We walked with them to school to make sure they were properly introduced to the teacher. Our girls were a little nervous. They compared it to feeling like the first day of school at home. But there were several girls curious about these new faces with their classmate and many hovered around asking their names and if they spoke Norwegian. This, I think, broke some of the ice as our girls answered such simple questions. Then, another of their cousins showed up (one grade older) to say Hi and introduce them to many of the girls standing around them. The teacher had a very sweet and welcoming demeanor and we knew our girls would be okay. We left as they all ran down the hill as the bell rang.

Last week, the girls attended another school with a different cousin. Two years ago, the girls attended this same school when their cousin started in Kindergarten. In Norway, students are in the same class throughout elementary school with the same teacher. I’m not sure that this teacher remembered the girls from two years ago but it did feel a little familiar to them when they arrived. This school is a bit of a walk from home and kinda hairy to walk to with the many busy road crossings…so they were driven to school.

The reviews of both days were great. The girls felt a little weird at times with so many kids curious and some staring but they enjoyed hanging out with their cousins in class. None of this, of course, would have been possible if they were not fluent in Norwegian. There were several crafts and a few worksheets they got to do because they could follow the instructions. The added benefit is now they both have something they could write about as part of the homework they’ll have to turn in when they return to school at home on Monday.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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