I Miss Creating With My Hands

This is my third year doing Art Vistas in my girls’ classrooms. I’ve been learning so much about fine art – how to evaluate and appreciate the works of masters like Van Gogh, Muench, Gaugin and more. Sharing that newfound knowledge with young kids is personally fulfilling. And underscoring the techniques the artists used in the related projects has brought fond memories back of a time not so long ago when I played around with mixed media like chalks, paints, metals, inks, gel stickers, textured papers and the like. Those were my scrapbooking days and I’ve begun missing the creative outlet that hobby gave me.

Unfortunately, the reason I don’t scrapbook anymore is because of the time I used to spend on each page or sets of pages. I designed every page from scratch. Like the layout above. I folded and tore paper and distressed the edges with inks and chalks. I inked nets and mounted shells along the edges. I cut out letters for the titles and tore handmade paper for texture. Oh yea, I tried using templates and idea books but more often than not, I’d make a change here or there because of the photos or I just didn’t like it exactly the way it was shown in the example. That’s just me. I knew it. But I couldn’t help myself. So I stopped.

And digital? Well, let’s just say that any digital album or layout I’ve designed cannot hold a candle to the 3D  pieces I cherish.

The other day, while I was searching for photos of a specific friend of a friend, I happened upon the folder of photos of layouts I created years ago. Yea, I used to scan in or take a photo of all my layouts in the hopes that after sending them to the most popular scrapbooking publications, I would receive a note asking to publish my layout. I was lucky to have had this happen several times. In this same folder, I found images of special projects – mostly gifts – using my scrapbooking materials such as gift albums, homemade cards and art pieces as wall decor. Such as the Fathers Day project below. This was meant to be hung – and it does in his office. The techniques were similar to the above layout but I added a few more embellishments like silk flowers, chipboard letters, clay letter blocks, twine and a blue frame I just had to paint and distress.

Finding this image made me pause. And rue the time I became so busy I could no longer keep up with designing our scrapbooks and creating such pieces for gifts. Hopefully one day, I’ll find the time again…particularly since I have such craftsy girls for daughters.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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