Valentines Day 2012 – What a Difference A Year Makes

Well well well…I gotta say, sometimes I really like this growing-up-thing for my girls. This is the first year since my girls started preschool, that I did less of the production/wrapping (and everything in between) for Valentines Day, staying up until midnight to finish it up while my girls slept. This year, everything was packaged and ready for transport before they went to bed. Yea! Last year, they signed the cards…and frosted the cookies. And that was about it. Ugh.

This year, they readied the cookie dough for baking, frosted them, then insisted on wrapping each cookie themselves (they were picky about a few of the kids and which cookies they got), signed each card *and* envelope – without my constant haranguing to do one for *every* classmate. I do have to admit that I baked half of the cookies myself…but that was largely because we ran out of ingredients the evening before and had to bake them while my kids were in school. But let me tell ya, I was happily surprised to have my girls outline all the tasks they had to complete – including doing their homework – when we got home from school.

Now I know… from now on, I can concentrate on the *funnest* part of this event – creating a new and different Valentines Day card for my girls. “Mini me” is the style of choice again this year. I had a few ideas and my girls had a few ideas. It was fun to collaborate with them creatively. And since I couldn’t decide which one they should use, I left it to them…and they wanted to use them all. Happy Valentines Day!

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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