Eight Is Great!

Another year and our girls are now 8 years old! 2nd graders…soon to be third. Can they be growing that fast? Guess so.

This year, we made a return birthday party visit to Art Beat in Campbell. LOVE this studio. There’s lots of open space in the main room, lessening my worries about girls knocking over unpainted ceramic pieces; a good variety of pieces to choose from for painting; a welcoming owner and helpful, friendly staff; a party room in the back with Twister, music, blocks, instruments and clothes to play dress up. It’s an ideal spot for girls in that creative, craftsy phase of their lives.

I happened to win a special treat for our girls’ birthday – a custom cake designed by a local cake artist – at their school’s annual auction fundraiser. What timing, eh? I’m a big fan of sculptured cakes and get a kick out of reality shows like Challenge, Cupcake Wars, Ace of CakesFabulous Cakes, Sweet Genius and the like. These cakes are true works of art and I couldn’t wait to have one made for my girls. The cake artist had a Facebook page with several designs she’d created in the past. My girls went for the Candyland theme. As you can see, it was both whimsical, colorful and delicious.

The morning began with piles of gifts to open from relatives. Songwriter and Storyteller could not contain their excitement and screamed in delight when they entered the kitchen. Pappa made the traditional birthday waffles while our girls read birthday greetings and tore into brightly-colored packages. I packaged the pumpkin muffins and banana muffins and fresh fruit I planned to bring to each classroom to celebrate our girls’ special day. Their teachers were relieved and happy to know that I decided against a sugar-laden treat to share. hahaha Apparently, teachers live in dread of birthday celebrations when cupcakes or other sugary treats are shared during the school day as sugar highs and lows drastically affect the children’s abilities to sit still and focus.

I’d made a couple of batches of each set of muffins, so I packaged the rest for soccer practice later that afternoon. After an hour of running and kicking, the muffins and juice boxes were well appreciated and went fast. Whew!

Songwriter and Storyteller chose California Cafe as their birthday dinner restaurant. They just love the bento-type boxes and desserts there. And we parents appreciated the fact that we would enjoy delicious grownup cuisine.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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