Spring Break 2012

Our girls chose our destination this time. Fond memories of their stay in Maui influenced this choice, I’m sure. But as they’ll learn, we just hate to repeat ourselves when there are so many destinations to be seen and experienced. So, we settled on the Big Island of Hawaii. The last time we were here was pre-children and as we all know, experiencing a place with your children is a whole new experience.

Knowing our active 8-year-olds are great travelers but do have their limits, we decided to stay for a few days on the Hilo/Volcanoes National Park side of the island. This would give us the ability to take our time exploring the park and checking out things like a lava tube, a magma lake and the end of the road (as defined by lava having flooded the road many decades ago) without worrying about a 3-hour drive back to the Kona side of the island.

Our first day out, we happened upon the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. What a find! So lush and colorful, we were awed and grateful that we followed the “scenic drive” sign to this spot. Imagine all of Hawaii’s flora and fauna in one spot – spectacular!   [BTW, photos taken by both my husband and me. He did all the cool foamy water pics.]

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.

Spring Break 2012 – Volcanoes National Park

Spring Break 2012 – Luau


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