Spring Break 2012 – Luau

No visit to Hawaii would be complete without an evening luau. Yea, I know they’re terribly commercial and focused on drawing in as many tourists as possible. But I love them! I love eating poke, lomi lomi salmon, sweet potato, and Kalua pork. But the show is what I enjoy the most – particularly the fire dance. Not all luaus offer a fire dance. In fact, the last one we saw a couple of years ago, did not include a fire dance, though it was just as entertaining. This one by Island Breeze included some arts and crafts activities before the unearthing of the roasted pig. My girls chose the making of a fish out of a palm leaf and it provided hours of entertainment as my girls made it swim in the pool when we returned to our house. Alternatively, you could learn to hula dance, get a “tattoo” and play an instrument. There was time for only one activity before the Imu ceremony and the subsequent feast.

But the show was the main reason we were there. We’ve been to a few luaus and all are different and fascinating. I like seeing the different costumes the dancers wear. But I really look forward to the fire dance – which tends to be the last dance of the evening. My husband was the designated photographer for our evening as I chose to live in the moments.  🙂

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.

Spring Break 2012 – Volcanoes National Park

Spring Break 2012 (Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden)


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