Their Fondest Wish…Horseback Riding Lessons

8 years old. They finally reached the age when they could take the kind of horseback riding lessons that did not require a parent or any other adult to lead the horse around. Well, at least at this local horse farm. We visited this place during the summertime as I was curious as to how old kids had to be for lessons. This is the year.

Awesome! That was the feedback from their first lesson. This was quickly followed by, “Can we take more lessons?” I’d already explained to them that we’d signed them up for four lessons (their birthday gift). Apparently, that’s not enough. hahaha

The moment we walked into the main office to sign up for their first lesson, neither Storyteller nor Songwriter could stop talking and giggling. This certainly made the staff smile as they watched my girls try on helmets for their lesson. I’d thought that they were also going to learn how to groom and feed the horses. But those activities are reserved for the week-long daycamps during the summer. Oh well. As it was, they needed every minute of the lesson on horseback learning how to sit while getting the horse to walk, change directions, trot and gallop. Well, maybe not gallop.

Songwriter and Storyteller were a bit timid, at first, about kicking the horse with their feet. They didn’t want to hurt their horses, of course. But they finally got the hang of it, realizing that without any physical cues, their horses were going nowhere. During their second lesson last week. they got to take their horses out of the arena and head out on a trail around the ranch. And that was certainly a treat.

Yea, I have to admit. Watching their excitement during the lessons is going to make it hard to not sign them up for more. But don’t tell them that.

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  1. It’s great they love riding, and they might like summer camp! I’m participating in it next week, for my second year at garrod farms. And i cannot wait! All the horses you mentioned i know, except I’ve never ridden them. After riding here, I ride harder horses like Elko. But all the horses here are very nice!

  2. Hi, it’s Divergent again! But I changed my name and started a blog now 🙂 I’ve already seen this year’s summer camp schedule, and I’m going to sign up soon! The schedule hasn’t been released online yet, but I believe it will be soon! I just wanted to give you a heads up 🙂

    • Hey Divergent! Congrats on your new blog. Yes – I got the 2013 schedule and signed up yesterday! Because of your comments, I made sure to sign up as soon as open registration opened up. Get in their soon – I was chatting with them and she said that one year, they filled up in a couple of weeks.

      • Yep! I signed up for July 22- August 2 for Western C camp! I’m super excited and cannot wait. I just noticed, one of them ride Apache! He’s so cute :p And I rode the fastest horse at Garrod’s yesterday, (Cisco) and he was bucking while loped. 😦 I almost fell off. What level did you sign Storyteller and Songwriter up for?

      • 😛 I’m very…hyper right now. and again, it’s great they love horseback riding! I’ve made many friends who enjoy riding horses. Hopefully Storyteller and Songwriter are excited for summer camp! Do they still take lessons? I was supposed to stop lessons, but I accidentally ran into a new session and ‘owed money.’ So I’m still doing lessons! 🙂 Today’s the Super Bowl! Go Niners! 🙂

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