Another [School] Year Gone…

Talk about fun and games! What a memorable way to end their second grade school years. A waffle breakfast for one class and hamburgers/hot dogs/chicken strips for the other. Boy did I luck out…again. Storyteller’s class *pajama* party was a breakfast one with outdoor activities including Twister and sack races and a make your own autograph book craft. A little cleaning out of the desks after lunchtime and…movie time! Songwriter’s class party was lunch preceded by outdoor games and face painting and afterward, a backpack charm craft and pirate clown show. One party followed the other. Yea, it was a school day for me, too. Luckily, after helping with setup, I had the freedom to photograph the kids in action. One of my favorite things to do.

As last year and the year before, the end of this school year seems bittersweet. Our kids are another year older, wiser…and sassier (sometimes). They are good kids that make me alternately smile and yell; hug them with pride and throw up my hands in frustration. Sometimes, I miss the complete innocence in their being; their deep trust that Mommy (and Pappa) always know everything. Now, they question and reason. They figure things out for themselves. They talk of what they’d like to be when they’re adults. They think of the future. And I miss some of the past. Every time the school year ends, I’m reminded of how much they’ve grown. It makes me proud. It makes me want to stop time.

I’m always impressed and warmed by all the support parents show for the kids and the school. Events like the class party, activities like the Walk-a-thon and Art Vistas, shows like the Annie musical – all make me feel so fortunate we ended up here at this particular elementary school way back when we first bought our home. From playdates in the playlot down the street to [now] third graders hanging out with neighborhood friends, time is flying by and won’t slow down any time soon.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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