I Am 50. Lucky, Happy ME!

At some point in my life, I began feeling like I didn’t really need to celebrate my birthdays in a big way. With the exception of my 40th birthday, dinner with family and sometimes, friends, was all I really wanted. It’s the same for this one. This milestone. I don’t really know why. It seems that when many people hit this age, they have to do something big. I…don’t.

The other day, I jokingly explained my lackadaisical attitude about my upcoming birthday to a dear friend of mine thus, “Maybe it’s because I’m so happy with my life that I don’t really want anything more.” We laughed and she said something about rationalizing it any way I like.

But in truth, I am. My best friend and greatest love is my husband. My pride and joy are my daughters. My family (in San Diego and Norway), though far away, love and support us (as we do them). All of my friends have a special place in my heart with bonds forged from my high school and college years, motherhood and twinsdom, my girls’ school activities and events, my photography work, friends of friends and other walks of life. I have a career where I not only meet new families and play with their kids, they often become friends – and there aren’t many careers where that can happen.

I’m not one that’s uncomfortable with telling anyone how old I am…though I admit to getting it wrong from time to time when asked. And it’s not in the way you think. Most times, I add another year or two to my correct age. hahaha

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t care that it’s my birthday. And it’s not that I don’t love all the Happy Birthday wishes (because I do). It’s just that I don’t feel the need to do something big…something out of the ordinary. Not like my 40th birthday.

On my 40th, I had been thinking of spending a spa weekend somewhere…with my girlfriends. And I did. A day of pampering at Berkeley’s Claremont Resort, a fabulous dinner at Chez Panisse, and non-stop laughter throughout the weekend. It was great. I’ll never forget it.

But this year? Well…over the last few months, my husband has asked me several times what I would like to do for my 50th birthday. Such a sweetheart. Willing to do a bit of advance planning for whatever I decide…but I really couldn’t think of a thing. We’d already had a rather wonderful summer vacation visiting family in Norway (love hangin’ out with my in-laws), checking out Tivoli in Copenhagen, visiting a glass factory on the isle of Murano and walking around Venice, relaxing at a beach resort near Rovinj, Croatia, strolling the streets of Old Town Dubrovnik, and exploring Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was an amazing trip – the perfect balance between relaxation (at the beach) and curious exploration (of new and different places). Soooooooooo…I’m not feeling the need to travel anywhere new and different to mark my 50th(well, until next year).

A spa day? Well, yea, I could do that. And I still might. No reason I couldn’t stretch out several little birthday celebrations throughout the year in honor of turning 50. In fact, turning 50 will likely be an oft-used reason for doing/buying a few things here and there over this next year. hahaha

But honestly, hangin’ with my family, toasting with my friends – that’s all I really want to mark the beginning of this milestone year. Anything more than that is as they say, icing on the cake (oh, a stop there may be something I just realized I need).

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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  1. I love love love that you realize how blessed you are in your life and you are happy and content. Most people on this planet are always wanting “more” or something is missing or there’s always that next best thing they have to have or do. You are an inspiration to all around you!

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