About Me

Hi. My name is Linda and this is my blog. My personal one, that is. I have one for my business that I welcome you to visit, particularly if you need portraits of your children or family. It’s my specialty and I get a real kick out of doing it. But this blog is about me, my life with my husband raising our twin girls, teaching them to navigate the twists and turns in life, school, sports, friends, you name it. At one point in time, I thought my husband would want to start writing himself and so I called this our family blog. Apparently, that particular bug has yet to bite him so I call it my blog. hahaha Perhaps one day….

I also write for other blogs…though I don’t tend to do that as often as I would like. It tends to hinder my being able to keep up this personal blog and business one. If you’re curious, you could check out my posts on Mad About Multiples, the official blog for Gemini Crickets, Parents of Multiples non-profit organization. I blog under MommyTwinGirls there. I also blog for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). You’ll find me blogging under my studio name, Solheim Photography.

Thanks for visiting.


2 responses

  1. Hi Linda,
    How’s the hip? Or was it a knee? I know your mobility has been challenged, but if you’re going to Legoland, you must be doing A-OK!
    Keep it up!

    Carol Puehlhorn

    • Hey Carol! The new hips are doing well and pain-free. Feels great after so many years of bearing the pain. Yea, walking around Legoland and Disneyland were great tests to see how they held up after two whole days of walking around. By the end, it was only my feet that hurt – and that’s a good thing. Thanks and keep in touch! -Linda

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