The Morning Schedule – Setting A Good Example

Morningroutinegoodexample As all parents know, especially those that have a job outside the home they have to rush to, the morning timetable should not cannot be derailed. Everything is timed perfectly. Minutes are precious. The morning routine leaves no room for dealing with tantrums and peevish episodes…like this morning.

With twins, the schedule is especially critical. And when one is trying to buck the routine, I still have another that I can try to keep on track. And that’s what I did, albeit to the cries and screams of the lagging one. It’s a common complexity amongst families with multiples. You have one child that is doing everything right while the other is…not (often because she simply wants attention). So who do you attend to? This morning, I decided to attend to my daughter that was following the schedule. I decided to let my other one work herself through her little tantrum, screaming and yelling. The consequence was the carpet cleaning required after her fit of anger ended in a potty accident.  heavy sigh Oh well. I could live with that. Times like this, I look forward to the day when we replace that carpet with hardwood floors.

I think I’ll just blame this particular type of “railroading” of our schedule on my husband. He’s the one who can’t deal with the early morning risings. He’s the one hiding under his pillow when the radio alarm goes off. He’s the one deluding himself that he’s awake when I shout upstairs asking if he’s up, while feeding the girls their breakfast. And our youngest daughter is starting to take note – the hiding under the pillows, the squirming under the blankets – I’ve seen this before many times in my own bed. She did not get up and dressed because “I don’t want to.” She sees her Pappa not getting up, so why should she? She doesn’t understand the concepts yet of “morning person” or “night owl.” And believe me, my husband would never be mistaken for a morning person (except in the middle of winter in the mountains when skiing is the only major activity for the day).

So I believe I’m going to throw this incident up as one of those areas where one of us needs to “get with the program” and set a good example for our children. I’m hoping it will help my husband to get up when the alarm goes off instead of relying on the reminders I shout at him every 5 minutes to get up. Who knows? It might work…then again, I can always dream.

Original It’s Never Easy, But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.