A Pumpkin Patch Just Right for 8-Year-Olds – Swank Farms

The cuteness factor of tiny tots running through pumpkin patches is always high around this time of year. Unfortunately, my girls are beyond the age when their stature rivaled that of the most commonly-sized pumpkins. Likewise, it takes a bit of entertainment to keep them interested in a visit to a pumpkin patch than the standard train ride or pumpkin picking. So when my friend, Akemi, mentioned Swank Farms in Hollister, I was looking forward to checking it out.

Last Friday, a Staff Development day at school, my plans were already set. To Swank Farms we went…and a few other friends from school. Can I just say that Akemi was absolutely right? None of the kids were ready to leave when we moms were but as always, we’re the ones keeping everyone on schedule. My girls had soccer practice in the afternoon and we couldn’t be late for that. But let me tell ya, Swank Farms kept all the kids happily distracted while we (moms) got to chit chat. A giant jumping pillow, two tall pumpkin sling shots, a corncob cannon, pedal karts, a cornfield maze, a cow train, a place to mine for gems, piggy races, and of course, feeding the goats. All of this kept our crew of eight 8-year-olds happily entertained as they rushed from one attraction to another.

And can I say how warm and friendly the staff at Swank Farms is? After a couple of our kids ended up with bloody hands from falling during the hunt through the corn maze, the staff was ready with First Aid in hand. When one of my daughters dropped her plastic baggie of gems she’d just mined down the water hole, a staff member hurriedly ran out to help her retrieve her collection. When my girls and their classmate wanted to use the giant pumpkin sling shot and fire the corncob cannon, a staff member was right there to show them how…and add a little brawn to the actual pulling back of the sling. Now, it was a relatively light day in terms of visitors last Friday (I imagine the threat of rain and the fact we were there on a regular school day for other districts) and the staff had a lot less kids to worry about but still, that kind of hospitality is always appreciated and makes us want to return…or at least tell all our friends about it.  🙂

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