2012 Summer Vacation Day 1

First day after school let out for the summer and it was a busy one. It wasn’t intended to be that way but somehow…. Oh yes, I have registered my girls for summer camps this summer. The thing is that the first one doesn’t begin until Thursday this week. School let out last Friday. There are 3 days when my girls and I are hangin’ out. Today was Day 1…and I didn’t feel like staying home and cleaning up the weekly mess that usually amasses in the entryway whenever my girls simply drop their school stuff (e.g., backpacks, lunch bags, miscellaneous school worksheets) inside the front door each day.

After my early morning appointment, we headed off to breakfast at Los Gatos Cafe. If you’ve been going there for years, you know that the major reason to stop by there is to indulge in the giant homemade 5″ high cinnamon roll – its luscious gooeyness of syrupy cinnamon oozing between each layer, topped with a heap of cinnamon sugar butter. My girls LOVE it! And so do I…but I had to resist. My friend, Akemi, and her boys joined us for breakfast and she had never heard of this cinnamon roll. Whoops! That’s probably because I can resist ordering it when I don’t have my kids around. Her boys’ eyes widened in envy and of course, my girls shared part of the roll with them…after I reminded them that they *never* finish the roll themselves anyway.

Next up…the 11am showing of Madagascar 3. While I don’t necessarily love this series of movies, this one was entertaining and I had to laugh at several scenes. Normally, I wouldn’t want to be inside on a beautiful summer day but it was in the mid-90’s. Time to find a nice spot of air conditioning.

Leaving the air conditioned theater for the streets inspired another idea – frozen yogurt. This time, we tried Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt in Campbell and wouldn’t you know it? They offered both frozen yogurt *and* ice cream. My girls changed their minds and found a lemon sorbet and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I ordered *small* bowls for each of us not realizing that the amount of ice cream and frozen yogurt would dwarf the height of the bowl. Small, apparently, is relative. The scoops of frozen creaminess amounted to twice the height of the bowl! Not only that, there was a serving of selected toppings in the middle of the ice cream *and* another on the top! This may just beat out Yogurtland as our main stop for frozen yogurt.

My curiosity got the best of me as we made our next stop. Frost Cupcake Factory. Did I mention that one of our favorite TV shows is “Cupcake Wars?” Luckily it was Monday and that’s the *only* day they offer mini cupcakes for sale. Otherwise you have to order them. Thank goodness for the small things, eh?

After a little stroll through downtown Campbell, I decided it was time to head back home for a bit more air conditioning. Yes, I have a delicate constitution when it comes to mid-90’s degree weather and above.

At home, the summer workbooks awaited my girls. Yea, I wish it could be all fun and games in the summertime but the Mommy in me says, “Tsk, tsk.” To prevent any potential homework meltdowns when my girls jump into 3rd grade, I’d better make sure they keep their minds working. Besides, it helps to relieve some of the guilt in letting them get up late in the morning and laze around for a bit. Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind much…today. They finished the 8 pages of math and language arts I assigned them rather quickly and had a chance to play Legos before we headed off to their last horseback riding lesson for a while.

Garrod Farms. Hard to believe I thought this was so far away when we first drove there last summer. I guess that after you drive to and from a place a few times, it seems to get shorter each time. My girls have come to LOVE their Monday afternoons knowing it was time for another horseback riding lesson. They giggle most of the ride there. It was an extra special lesson because Pappa would be able to watch them. They knew that Pappa jumped horses when he was a kid. They couldn’t wait to show off for him.

And that was Day 1 of summer vacation. I think it was a pretty good start to a nice summer break. My girls thought so, too.

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