My Old Creative Outlet…

Every time I rummage through my digital folders of photos and run into old scrapbooking layouts, I start getting a little nostalgic. It might be because it was such an obsession for such a long time, it’s hard to ignore. I created this one during my really artsy fartsy phase of scrapbooking. Distressed papers with brown archival inks, 3-D frames for depth to protect real shells mounted on the page, printing on transparencies, and the like – I could start my own art class where I was teacher and student whenever I wanted. It was fun experimenting with various art techniques and creating these little art pieces. I still miss those days. Especially the times when I enticed my friends to come over and work on their scrapbooks with me until very late in the evening.   <heavy sigh>

The photos on this layout are some of my favorites – love the stark contrast in size between my husband and our [then] toddler girls barely taller than his knees. They make me smile.

The poem reads:

Pappa, would you hold my hand and walk me to the shore?

I see the waves are crashing; I hear the ocean’s roar.

The water is washing up on the sand.

I want to go explore.

And if you’ll stay right by my side; I’ll feel so safe and free.

To scream and run along the beach, if you’ll watch over me.”

Original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.